20/20 isn’t everything: See why every child MUST have a comprehensive eye exam to prepare for school

17 10 2013

Dr. Richard Maharaj and Dr. Chris Schell demonstrate some common vision problems that children struggle with everyday in the classroom. A very important message on why comprehensive eye examinations (not a vision screening) must happen for each child prior to (or at the very least, as soon as possible) school age. Vision screenings are well-intentioned, but as shown in the video, may miss these subtle diagnoses and give parents a false sense of security. Their little eyes are starting a 12+ year marathon which will serve the basis of learning.  You wouldn’t run a real marathon without preparing your muscles and endurance would you?  Why do we assume newly developing eyes should be treated with less concern or preparation.  See a Doctor of Optometry for a comprehensive eye examination.


Dr. Chris Schell discusses Ontario’s Eye See Eye Learn Program on CTV news

28 08 2013

Dr. Chris Schell is featured on CTV Barrie discussing the Eye See Eye Learn program in Ontario. He discusses the importance of children’s eye examinations for school aged children. Dr. Schell has a special interest in Vision Therapy and Pediatric Optometry.