Center for Ocular Surface Disease


The eyeLABS Center for Ocular Surface Disease is a dedicated clinic to managing the front of the eye.  This facility has become a strong local referral center for patients with chronic dry eye disease, Sjorgren’s Disease, corneal dystrophies (hereditary and acquired), contact lens related pathologies with specific focus on the eyelid and eyelid related disorders.  The clinic is the first optometry clinic in North America to offer LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation  treatment for dry eye disease and Dr. Maharaj’s lid  exfoliation therapy is taking notice of eye physicians and surgeons all over the world.

Services Include:

1) LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation

2) LipiView Interferometry

3) Lid Margin Exfoliation and Meibomian Gland expression technique

4) Topical Therapy

5) Customized treatments through compounding pharmacy (Human Autologous Serum)

If you would like to be referred to eyeLABS Center for Ocular Surface Disease, you can have your physician/optometrist/ophthalmologist refer you or call directly at 905-456-9333 to have a consultation today.