Be Proactive on Reducing Wrinkles – add comfort to your eyes!

25 07 2013

“Epidermal atrophy and structural changes observed in the Dermal-Epidermal Junction with aging may be, by some extent, related to daily and repetitive skin deformations all along the life span”

Skin Res Technol. 2013 Jun 25

Translation:  Wrinkles and the aging skin are related to constant stretching and relaxing of the skin.  This may sound like common sense, yet patients everywhere still engage in life behaviours that are known to hasten wrinkle formation.   Smoking, tanning, high sugar diets all are big contributors to the aging skin but while changing your habits may take some work, why not eliminate some factors that are out of your everyday control.


Squinting your eyes – a very common ocular reflex to external factors such as bright light, blurry vision and ocular discomfort.  Because it’s a reflex it is not considered a bad habit, but rather a mechanism your body employs to protect the ocular surface and or enhance vision when stimulated by the above factors.  Here are some very easy steps to reduce your stimuli to squint:

  1. Wear corrective eye wear when needed – this is by far the easiest step to take to avoid squinting.  It has the added benefit of clearing your visual world.
  2. Wear your sunglasses – UV exposure worsens this cause of squint because it can accelerate the aging skin.  If you’ve ever lost your sunglasses and spent even a lunch hour without them, you’ll likely have a headache all afternoon.
  3. Treat your ocular surface keeping it wet and comfortable – Dry Eye Disease (DED) is a leading cause of eye discomfort.  When left untreated the natural course of this disease will worsen leading to further eye muscle contraction.

The treatment options for dry eye have changed dramatically as experts world wide agree that meibomian (oil) gland dysfunction (MGD) may be the leading cause of dry eye in the world (TFOS 2011).  Knowing the mechanism behind this condition allows it’s treatment to be more targeted and therefore more effective.  Each of the four eyelids are home to the 20 to 40 oil glands and optimal functioning is achieved when the glands are absent of any obstruction and the lid surface is properly cleared of debris and devitalized epithelium.  The eyelid margin (the area behind your eyelashes towards the eye) is the only area of our bodies that doesn’t get cleaned regularly or thoroughly and because of its proximity to the cornea is a dangerous place to try to clean at home with q-tips, brushes or wipes.  Corneal scratches can become infected and are extremely painful.  Also, over the counter cleansers are still insufficient to removed devitalized skin and debris which can only be seen under microscopic examination with ophthalmic vital dye staining.LOM_mgo

eyeLABS Center for Ocular Surface Disease offers an array of services to treat and maintain your glands and lids for optimal functioning:

  • Lid Margin Debridement – and exfoliative process for the eyelid surface
  • BlephEx – a microdermal exfoliation of the eyelid surfaces and eyelash roots
  • LipiFlow Theramal Pulsation – the only FDA approved treatment for MGD.
  • Topical and Oral Medicines – although we focus on enhancing your body’s natural functioning there are cases that require specific medicine to treat underlying inflammation and/or infection

In this way, we can limit your stimulus to squint and help you widen those eyes and lose the wrinkles!  Instead of spending countless dollars on Botox and fillers, be proactive and prevent unnecessary “epidermal atrophy,” also known as wrinkles!

Dr. Richard Maharaj OD, FAAO

Director of Optometry,

eyeLABS Center for Ocular Surface Disease

twitter: @eyelabsinc




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